Marking Inbal Dance Theatre’s 70th Anniversary, choreographer Mor Shani and Inbal’s dancers present a tribute to the company’s founder – choreographer and Israel Prize laureate Sara Levi-Tanai. While the Fireflies Disappear is an invitation to reimagine Levi-Tanai’s legacy and distinct choreographic language in a contemporary cultural context.

The show revisits the dance and movement foundations established by Levi-Tanai, which are intrinsically linked to tradition, localism, and grassroot culture, juxtaposing them with notions that resonate with the global zeitgeist. These dissolve in the blinding light of consumer culture, the “tangible light that chases the fireflies out of our duplicated cities, and their faint light with them,” says Shani, who was influenced by Georges Didi-Huberman’s book Survival of the Fireflies while working on this piece. Building on the company’s glorious past, Shani wishes to preserve the delicate, flickering light of the “vanishing dance traditions” while drawing on the new potentialities they hold.

Inbal Dance Theatre was established in 1949 by Sara Levi-Tanai in the aim of preserving the rich cultural tradition of Yemenite Jews and build upon it. Levi-Tanai, who in the company’s early years worked with dancers of Yemenite decent, managed to weave together Mizrahi Jewish culture with utterly Modern dance.

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