2020 Open Call for Texts - פסטיבל ישראל

2020 Open Call for Texts

Can we still talk about vitality and art?

In recent years, the local art world has suffered severe blows and criticized for being elitist and out of touch, operating in closed mechanisms, and irrelevant to the general public. In this harsh discourse, it seems that the unifying and vital power of art has been forgotten and practices that hold the potential to bring the public closer to art and create a profound connection have been sidelined.

The coronavirus crisis has undermined the contact with art even further. It brought to the fore questions about life mechanisms and routines and inescapable changes, including questions about the vitality of art in the landscape and the time, modes of making art in a reality of limitations, and how it can reach the public and have a profound and enriching dialogue with it.

The most common way in which a public experiences art is through an object: the artist creates a show, an exhibition, a concert, etc., offers the piece to the audience, and with that, generates a dialogue, a connection. Alongside this system there is also a system of socially engaged art that creates discourse and make art accessible in a different way, in search of total collaboration with the community.

What, then, are the new artistic and cultural (social and political) needs that emerge in this moment, in the reality of crisis?

We invite you to identify these needs and reflect on them: What is the role of art in this time? Should art strive to become an inseparable part of the public’s life? What is the place of the public and what is its role? How can it be involved in the art? What will the future of the artworld look like?

Below are links to three articles. We invite you to read them and respond to them conceptually and practically, with an emphasis on changing the modes of operation in the artworld.

Franco Beradi Bifo: Why Artists?
Yair Asulin: Art Is No Longer Relevant
Carmen Salas: What should we expect from art in the next few years/decades? And what is art, anyway?

Please send your texts to israelfestival.ifj@gmail.com
The subject line must read: Open Call for Texts
Max 500 words.
Deadline: 24.8.2020

Some of the texts’ writers will be invited to present their ideas at Concoction Conference – a day of activity, creating, and thinking about the relevance of art, which will take place on September 7th, 2020 as part of the Israel Festival.

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